Are you ready for change?

Every organization is bound to face significant change at some point. Leading change brings a new set of pressures and needed skill set for even the experienced leader. An external consultant can navigate this new territory by guiding you through the process and understanding its impact on the human side and bottom line. They can help with individual and team coaching, facilitation, staff training, planning, and support. Bill Pasmore, author of the new book, Leading Continuous Change: Navigating Churn in the Real World, offers this checklist to see if you’re ready for a change consultant. If you answer “yes” to most of these statements, you’re ready:

  • I need a better roadmap. 
  • I understand I am responsible for leading change. 
  • I am interested (really) in learning about and considering options. 
  • I recognize the value of an external expert. 
  • I want an outsider to research, gather information and interpret. 
  • I want to build a trusted relationship with my team
  • I don’t expect to be told what to do. 
  • I realize there is no guarantee of success. 
  • I believe I can learn to do the work of change for myself and my organization. 

Navigating change is not easy so having a trusted advisor along the way can help with the process.