Are you tracking these training metrics?

There are several things you can track when it comes to your training initiatives. Think beyond typical evaluation forms you probably give participants after a training class. These three simple measures will help you track your training activities and trends over time. You can also compare yourself to other organizations by using data from the Association of Talent Development’s 2015 State of the Industry report.

1. Training cost per employee: Total direct training expenditures divided by number of employees. Direct expenditures include relevant staff salaries (e.g, Training Specialist), administrative costs, non-salary development costs, delivery costs, outsourced activities, and tuition reimbursement. It does not include employees’ travel or lost work time while in training. Industry Average: $1716

2. Training hours per employee: Total formal learning hours that occur as a stand-along activity (not embedded in work activities) divided by number of employees. Industry Average: 34 hours

3. Percentage of training costs as a percentage of revenue: Total direct training expenditures divided by total revenue. Industry Average: 2.2%