Board Development

Board Development

Many organizations fail to maximize the potential contributions their boards can make to advance their missions. In part, the problem involves a lack of clarity and agreement on the roles and responsibilities of the board.

COPE uses a structured development process that helps boards become an organization's greatest asset. We help organizations define their board/staff goals, roles and responsibilities, policies and procedures, and interactions. We help organizations become successful by mobilizing their boards to go from being passive to being active. In the process they become aware of the vital role they play, develop new techniques for recruitment and retention, develop a deeper understanding of their strategic and fiduciary responsibilities, and gain valuable leadership skills. We provide services that include:

  • Assessing and restructuring boards and committees
  • Developing committee charters and board job descriptions
  • Facilitating board retreats
  • Designing and conducting board training programs
  • Developing board recruitment and selection plans
  • Designing board orientation programs and handbooks

COPE has worked with the boards of numerous organizations, both public and private, to create more educated and engaged board members.

Please click here to see live footage of COPE in action delivering board training!