Business Process Redesign is a Team Sport

Decades after US businesses realized problems couldn’t be solved by a single leader, even a great one, they still struggle to develop efficient and effective processes that gain them competitive advantage. One repeating theme I’ve seen is that there is still an inclination to choose managers to lead these efforts instead of the people who actually know the process first hand.  While some managers are “working managers” and are actively involved in day-to-day operations, solutions and improvements are often best solved by the people who are in the trenches selling the product, on the line making the product, and in the call center hearing directly from customers.

If business leaders realized that the best solutions come from a diverse, knowledgeable, competent team that is given time to become cohesive in their thoughts; if they were given a clear vision of the desired outcomes, and the authority to recommend changes, these warriors would come up with our best plans. Taking a vertical slice of the organization’s best workers who live and breathe the process and entrusting them to develop the solutions we need is our best hope for creating sustainable, quality oriented processes that meet all goals.