Classroom training still number one

You know training is needed and you picked a topic. Now what? When it comes to deciding on how to deliver the training, it’s tough to decide what method to use. Should you offer traditional in-class workshops or something technology based like apps or online courses? Whether you decide to create something yourself or seek external assistance, deciding what method to use is one of the most important decisions you will make. According to the Association of Talent Development’s 2015 State of the Industry report, instructor-led inclass training is still the most popular delivery method, above instructor led-online, self-paced online, self-paced print, and mobile technology to name a few. You may decide a combination of methods is the best approach. For example, you could offer in-class supervisory training with follow-up support through coaching and self-paced courses through an online Learning Management System. COPE recommends incorporating questions into your training needs assessment to help decide what methods fit best with other organization initiatives and employee’s preferences and schedules.