Community Solutions

Community Solutions

Sometimes a community needs to come together to address challenges that impact all of its citizens. It might be to prioritize limited resources; develop a plan to repurpose a municipal building; or discuss green space. Whatever the need, COPE designs processes to engage with the whole community, young and old, to collaborate, communicate, plan and develop. The goal of a good public process is to have all voices heard and, to have as an end result, a common solution to which all stakeholders are committed.

COPE's community engagement process has many points of entry, is inclusive, and respects the differences of all participants. We design approaches that consider all aspects of the process from recruitment of participants through the design of meeting materials, agendas, activities, logistics, presentations, press relations, and follow up. As part of our work with communities, COPE has designed several unique methods of engagement so that participants of all ages and abilities can have a say in developing sound solutions to community-wide issues.


Our facilitation skills incorporate both high tech and low tech options so that the design matches the community. 

Past Projects Include: 

  • State-wide public forums for the Act 250 Commission
  • Community meetings to provide decision support for a city-school task force
  • A World Café discussion to explose technology use and business-education partnerships for a university
  • A World Café discussion and focus groups to improve and innovate worship for a faith-based community