Dumping toxic waste to protect your organization

By definition an employee who is “toxic” isn’t just a pain in your bottom line, he or she is someone who can hurt your organization or your reputation.  While they may meet certain production goals, they are generally not good corporate citizens and may display excessive amounts of overconfidence, selfishness, and dishonesty.

In today’s litigious climate, employers often fear cutting the cord, but according to Dylan Minor, visiting assistant professor of business administration in the Harvard Business School’s Strategy unit, “A company stands to lose $12,489 in costs from replacing one toxic worker, which is almost double the figure a company gains from hiring a “superstar.” A superstar in the top 1 percent of performers adds $5,303 in increased performance to a company’s profit, Minor’s paper Toxic Workers shows.  So taking action to protect your organization can boost morale and profits. For the full article visit this link.