Implementing the science behind HR and OD initiatives

While Human Resources is often referred to as the “soft side” of your business, there’s actually a science behind it all.  Professionals who conduct this work, Industrial/Organizational Psychologists, are dedicated to researching and assisting organizations in better understanding and measuring human behavior in the workplace. You can implement some of their work into your organization by visiting the Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology’s (SIOP) website.  You can also implement good research practices such as conducting a training needs assessments before implementing any training to ensure the training adequately addresses the needs and interests of employees.  Incorporate surveys, interviews, and focus groups as a way to gather information systematically before, during, and after new initiatives to track progress.  Kate McInnis, COPE Senior Project Associate, has her MSc and PhD in I/O Psychology and is one of only two registered members of SIOP in Vermont.