Launch of Vermont Health Connect!

COPE, working in conjunction with HES Advisors for the past year, were key partners with the Department of Vermont Health Access (DVHA) in preliminary activities leading up to the launch of Vermont Health Connect. COPE leveraged its experience in grant writing support, instructional design and training, education and outreach, enrollment logistics, and coordination to assist DVHA as they worked towards the launch of Vermont Health Connect. We:

  • Helped secure $2.27 million federal dollars for the Consumer Assistance Program;
  • Coordinated event logistics for 87 public/small business forums, 60 private presentations, and six events with state politicians;
  • Designed Consumer Assister Training Program and materials that were used to train 237 Navigators, 157 CACs, and 146 brokers in-person; and
  • Successfully enrolled 1050 Assisters on VHC's online Learning Management System (LMS).