LIFO® Communications

LIFO® Communications

LIFO® is a practical application of behavioral science that promotes individual and group productivity. COPE is certified to use the LIFO® Method, a performance improvement approach that provides strategies for greater personal productivity, increased influence with key people, and more effective teamwork. Also an effective coaching tool, LIFO® serves as the core performance improvement technology for a broad range of applications that can be easily integrated into any leadership or supervisory development program.

Advanced applications include: culture assessments, leadership development, coaching, stress management, and managing change.

Being certified in the LIFO® Method means that COPE can enable clients to:

  • Inventory team strengths
  • Utilize individual differences for greater collaboration
  • Control excesses to avoid wasting time and resources or have a negative impact on others
  • Overcome blind spots for more effective decision-making
  • Understand the impact of stress on individual or team communication
  • Get help from a broader range of people, to ensure a wider perspective in planning and solving problems
  • Utilize a more versatile approach, to more effectively manage a wider range of people, problems, and opportunities
  • Recognize other people's communication preferences, answer the key questions uppermost in their minds, and use communication strategies that lead to agreement and action


In addition, Paula Cope is master certified to train others to become instructors in the LIFO® Method. For more information contact Paula Cope.

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