March 7th: Employee Appreciation Day!

One of the most powerful statements that an employee can hear at work is “Thank you.”  Today, March 7, 2014, employers across the nation will celebrate and recognize their employees for their hard work.  Showing your gratitude doesn’t have to cost much and is applicable to all organizations regardless of their size, industry, or region. National Employee Appreciation Day began in 1995 and occurs the first Friday of March.

But don’t stop there. Recognize your employees’ efforts throughout the year and be creative.  Consider closing the office a few hours early, asking a new restaurant in the neighborhood to cater lunch, or organizing a volunteer event for an organization that your employees pick.  For employees that work virtually, consider e-gift cards or a lunch delivery from a local hot spot.  Whatever it is, be sure so say Thank You as well and acknowledge how important they are to the organization.