Professional Development Plans that Work

Employees are often asked this time of year to develop Professional Development Plans. Encourage employees to test each goal in their plan by answering four questions:

  1. Does the goal motivate and energize me?
  2. Will achieving the goal benefit me in my current job?
  3. Will achieving the goal benefit my organization?
  4. What values and principles do I hold that relate to these goals?

Employees are motivated by different things, both internal and external. However, there is one thing in common… goals need to be connected to one’s own values to be effective.  For example, you can set a goal to lose weight and never achieve it. If, however, that goal is connected to your value of being healthy, it’s more likely to motivate you to attain the goal. The same is true for employees. A supervisor may set what seems like a perfectly reasonable goal, but if the employee doesn’t connect it to their own set of principles, the likelihood that it will be achieved lessens. So, incorporating the four questions into the discussion may be the best way to encourage success.