Key Publications

Paula Cope

Cope, P. L. Building the Right Search Committee for Your CEO Search. IN.Between, October/November 2014. 

Cope, P. L. Strengthening Your RRG by Measuring Board Effectiveness. The Risk Retention Reporter, February 2013, 27.

Cope, P. L. Beyond Corporate Governance. Captive Review Magazine, August 2007, pp. 14-15.

Cope, P. L. Top of the Class. Captive Review Magazine , August 2005t, pp. 28-30.

Featuring Paula Cope’s succession planning and organizational assessment models:

Brown, J. & Short, K. Cash Out Move On- Get Top Dollar and More Selling Your Business.  Business Enterprise Press, 2008. Ms. Cope contributed to sections related to business systems, process redesign, succession planning, organization assessment, and using management consultants in preparing businesses for sale.  

Cavanaugh, B. B. The Long Run, Best’s Review, 2008, 38-40.  Ms. Cope’s model of succession planning and organizational assessment is featured.


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