Top Three New Year’s Resolutions for Every Business Owner

The top three New Year’s resolutions every year seem to be:

Lose Weight

Get Organized

Spend Less and Save More

Unfortunately less than 10% of individuals report that they are successful in achieving their resolutions.

As you plan for 2019, what if you applied those resolutions to your business?

By most accounts, 2018 has been a good year for business. We all know that what goes up must come down, so why not scale back now by cutting waste, working smarter, considering lean practices, and ramping upon sustainability measures?

Take a long hard look at your systems and practices and see where you can improve before you have to make changes in response to a fluctuating economy. Finally, invest in your company by ramping up or optimizing your use of technology and cutting back on paper and manual systems. In all likelihood, you’re hiring more digital natives who will be far more satisfied in a technology oriented work environment.

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