Top workplace trends for 2016

What workplace trends will we see this year? The Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology (SIOP) asked its members to predict top workplace trends for 2016. I/O Psychologists offer a unique perspective because they assist companies with talent management, training, organizational development, performance, HR law, analytics, systems improvements, and culture/climate initiatives. Seven hundred members responded to identify the top 10 trends (in order of priority)

1. Leveraging and maximizing big data and applying the correct analytics to make better business decisions. 

2. Trends in technology are changing the way work is done.

3. Managing virtual teams.

4. Changing nature of performance managment and development.

5. Employee Engagement.

6. Increased focus on health and wellness in the workplace.

7. Increased focus on business agility and flexibility in work and business processes.

8. Work-life balance across generations.

9. Building healthy, diverse workforces

10. Using social media to make employment-related decisions. 

Effective use of big data remains a top trend and is back on top after slipping to #2 last year. To remain competitive, companies need to know what employee data to track, how to analyze it appropriately, and then how to use it effectively. Work-life balance and generational differences (#8) remain important this year while corporate social responsibility and recruitment dropped off the list. There is also a greater emphasis on development (#4) with the authors noting “Performance management is no longer an event-driven process where conversations are held once or twice a year, but it is becoming an ongoing conversation between a manager and employee that encourages performance development.”