What Type of Learner are You?

There are three types of learners:

  • Listeners (Auditory): Learns best from speeches and audio books
  • Watchers (Visual): Learns best from pictures (reading, maps, process charts)
  • Doers (Kinesthetic): Learns best from doing an activity (e.g, building, hands-on)

Before designing a training program, consider what types of learners you will have in the room and recognize that not everyone learns the same way. For example, if teaching employees a new software program, auditory learners will need to hear you talk about, visual learners would like to see screen shots or a process map on how it works, and kinesthetic learners will want to actually use the program. When designing training for the masses, try to have something for every type of learner: handouts, a presentaton, and engaging activities. Try working in small groups so participants can learn from one another and build collaboration skills, something we are losing with the push to self-paced online delivery methods. Being self-aware as to your own learning style can also help you design training that is more balanced than just something that appeals to your own innate style.