Who We Serve

Since 1991, we've served nearly 900 clients. COPE is proud to count among our clients some of the largest and smallest companies and organizations in North America. We feel this diversity keeps our perspective fresh, vital, and grounded.

Our client base is extremely diverse. It includes commercial, non-profit, and governmental sectors. Although their missions may vary greatly, they all share a desire to find the right solution for the right problem using the right tools.

We work as a strategic partner with our clients, trusting their knowledge and perspective, and integrating our skills, experience, and abilities to find innovative, sustainable, replicable solutions. One of our most important aims is to build the capacity of every client we work with so that they learn and grow from the experience.

As a small business, we understand that some solutions require a larger workforce. We have a network of associates and COPE "alumni" who join our team to broaden our own capacity when needed.