Your employees are your best resource so continue to invest in them.

Develop a strong learning environment that is purposeful and strategic in meeting the needs of both the organization and your employees. Be efficient and creative in distributing training via multiple platforms to all employees.

What did your training and development look like in 2013? What does your training and development look like for 2014?

Employees are constantly being asked to reach new heights, meet new challenges, innovate, and deal with ever-changing issues and demands. The American Society for Training & Development released their 2013 State of the Industry  report last month, highlighting the workplace learning and development climate across the country. We wanted to share with you a few findings from the report, along with some recommendations.

State of the Industry Highlightsfrom 2013

  • Organizations remain committed to organizational learning and development
  • Average direct expenditure was $1,800 per employee annually (500 or fewer employees)
  • An average of 30.3 hours of training were provided per employee annually
  • Top three content areas of learning were: Managerial & Supervisory; Mandatory Compliance; and Processes, Procedures and Business Practices
  • Although instructor-led classroom training still remains the most popular delivery method, technology-based platforms continue to increase. Popular mobile learning platforms include just-in-time learning (65%), job aids (63%), and on-the-job-support (52%)Informal and social learning (coaching, mentoring, online social networking and accessing information online) are also on the increase, but challenging to measure

COPE Recommendations

  • No matter the size of your organization, keep track of your employee training and development initiatives. COPE can help you develop simple metrics to ensure your organization is efficient with its learning and development budget, seeing a return on investment, and meeting industry gold standards.
  • Consider the informal and social learning already going on in your organization; COPE can help you turn them into organization wide initiatives including mentorship programs and online chat groups. Our Training and Development services can consist of delivering one training workshop or run the full spectrum of implementing an entire training program. Our services include conducting a training needs assessment, identifying appropriate training platforms, course development (online & in-class), training delivery, and post training assessments and evaluations. All courses are customized to meet client needs and to make the content relevant to the workplace. Contact us today!